family & adult Martial Arts

Family and Adult Classes

Looking to get fit and lose weight? Are you wanting to spend more time as a family? Or are you needing to learn how to defend yourself?
Well if any of those statements ring true, the Hero martials arts school is for you.
The Family and Adult class offers people, age 7 to 99, of all abilities, the opportunity to improve their lives by learning Martial Arts.
All our students join a great community where we teach our syllabus at their own level and pace, ensuring you are not rushed or pushed into anything too quickly.

Family and Adult Classes, so what’s involved?

Combination of all martial arts – a system that is well rounded, versatile and helps our students achieve their very best.
Get Fit – Get fit in a fun and enjoyable way
Confidence – Building up your confidence
Weight Control – Keeping health whilst having fun
Family time – Building bonds whilst enjoying an activity with your family
Self-Defence – Learn self-defence techniques and scenario based exercises
Social activity – Get outside the house and have something to look forward too
Meet new people, make friends – We are more than a class, we are a community

How do classes work?
Our family and adult classes are an hour long and incorporate fitness exercises, martial arts techniques and follow up scenario based exercises and games.
And just like a normal martial arts class, you will be able to grade and move up the belt system, allowing them to strive for goals and have a sense of accomplishment.
Going forward, you’ll have the opportunity to join our community events and competitions or even take part in our assistant instructor programme.
Interested in learning more?
We are currently offering two weeks free training and a free uniform. If you would like to book in for a free trial simply fill out the form below and we will send you a booking confirmation.

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