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mini heroes martial arts

Mini Heroes Martial Arts Classes

We all agree, the early years of childhood are so important and Hero Martial Arts Schools believe it lays the foundations for life.
That is why we have our Mini Hero class, martial arts for 3 to 6 year-olds to bring out the hero in every child.

Being a mini hero is more than just self-defence, at our Little Hero classes we focus on developing respect and confidence, giving your child the head-start they need in life. Most importantly, this is done in a fun, enjoyable setting which the children love.

We also work closely with the parents on any personal goals their child would like to achieve. Every child is different and by understanding this, we can use martial arts and our ethos to help you bring the very best of your child.

Mini Heroes, so what’s involved?

Fitness – Burn off some energy whilst having fun
Concentration – Start to teach children how to improve their focus
Good Behaviour – Help children understand further, the difference between right and wrong
Stranger Danger – Educating children about Stranger Danger
Coordination – Improve hand to eye coordination and motor skills
Confidence – Building their confidence both in martial arts and the outside world
Respect – Teach them self-respect and respect for others
Self Control – Build up their independence and emotional intelligence
How do classes work?

Classes are 30 minutes long and our instructors are especially trained to teach children of this age group. Using martial arts and confidence-building exercises, we help your child become focused, confident and happier.
And just like a normal martial arts class, your child will be able to grade and move up the belt system, allowing them to strive for goals and have a sense of accomplishment.
Going forward, once your child becomes 7, they can move on to our junior classes or join you in our family classes.

Interested in learning more?
We are currently offering two weeks free training and a free uniform. If you would like to book in for a free trial simply fill out the form below and we will send you a booking confirmation.

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Since my children have attended Hero Martial Arts I have found them to be happier, more confident and getting the much needed fitness they need.
It really has changed our lives for the better.

Maggy S

Parent of Dom & Jakub